Sunday, February 19, 2012

This week Sports Talk With A Pioneer sat down with former Trinity three point standout Zach Stevens, now a Freshman at NHTI.
Q. How is college basketball different from High School?
A. It's a lot more physical and fast paced with the shot clock. Also, road trips are a lot different, I'm not just going down the street to Central or Memorial some of these games are eight hours away.
Q. Explain a little bit about how the shot clock changes your approach to offense.
A. The shot clock doesn't really change anything for me, as soon as I have the slightest opening to get my shot off I let it fly.
Q. How did Trinity prepare you?
Academically definitely to buckle down and be a student athlete, books first then basketball. As far as basketball at Trinity I had to earn everything, so when I showed up here I had the same mindset, I had to earn what was being given to me. Also, to be mentally tough through every situation.
Q. How have you raised your game to the next level?
A: I just learned to get after it defensively and learn to get my shot off with littlest of space because these defenders are quicker and are able to close out faster.
Q. During this season you won USCAA player of the week, what did that mean to you?
A. It was great to be recognized, as a Freshmen, especially sense I was chosen from players in small schools around the Nation.

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