Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Friday both of our Pioneer teams faced Spaulding. The girls arrived in Spaulding after an hour bus ride. As they entered the gym the girls learned that it was Senior Night and it was clear that the Spaulding crowd was going to be loud. This would also be the last game that Spaulding would play this year as they had not qualified for the upcoming playoffs. As the game got going the gym was filled with cheering Spaulding fans who wanted nothing more than to see their seniors finish their last game of their careers off with a win. However are Pioneers made a statement early on that slowly silenced the crowd. The girls won 55-26. 
    Meanwhile at home our boys took on the 12-4 Spaulding Red Raiders. The gym was loud. The game was exciting and the Raiders came out hard with no sign of fatigue despite the hour bus ride. In the end Trinity made more clutch plays than Spaulding and they emerged victorious 48-39. 

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